Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bush loves Chirac

Jesus! If I were a muslim and I'd seen that press-conference George W. was giving with his friend "Sjaaque", the 'king' of France, ("where they piss in the street!", )
I would say:
"See? How hypocrit they are? The whole world knows about their differences, and they act as 'lovers' having a cozy dinner as old friends...

It is said that Condo Rice speaks 6 languages, besides English,
but her boss, doesnt even speak English!
"This is the first dinner I have since my inauguvaguetion....eh on European sOil..."
You saw Condeauleeza blush!

wrong word order!
will lead to wrong World Order!

Today George W. will receive 26 EU leaders, each will get 3 minutes speaking time,
you may hope to be within the first 3,
because with a concentration-span of 7 minutes....


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