Friday, February 11, 2005

Account Statistics

-€ 300.- abn amro bank (maximum red)

* UPC still € 200.- behind
* NUON € 100,- behind
* Dentist € 170,- behind
* Welfare Service € UNKNOWN

The main reason of debtloggin' is to prove publically that the Dutch government sucks like hell,
and it is no USE trying to live like this,
because if you can't live from 300 eu per month, then how do you ever eh get out of DEBT??? Please use comment button for answers to this LIFE-question.

Yesterday I said to my CONSULTANT at Welfare, who is supposed to 'protect' my finance, that AS SOON as I make some EXTRA money, they will get it away from me... one way or another... So tell me... What's the use of working???

I'm NEVER gonna tell Nobody anymore if I earned some money, because that's the same as SUICIDE.
(of which I'm at risk already)

* I was given a bag of tobacco on CREDIT, very nice woman from the newspaper stand - let's remember the good people


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