Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bush loves Chirac

Jesus! If I were a muslim and I'd seen that press-conference George W. was giving with his friend "Sjaaque", the 'king' of France, ("where they piss in the street!", )
I would say:
"See? How hypocrit they are? The whole world knows about their differences, and they act as 'lovers' having a cozy dinner as old friends...

It is said that Condo Rice speaks 6 languages, besides English,
but her boss, doesnt even speak English!
"This is the first dinner I have since my inauguvaguetion....eh on European sOil..."
You saw Condeauleeza blush!

wrong word order!
will lead to wrong World Order!

Today George W. will receive 26 EU leaders, each will get 3 minutes speaking time,
you may hope to be within the first 3,
because with a concentration-span of 7 minutes....

Monday, February 21, 2005

the last thing I had from my father

Today is a strange day... When I stood up, I thought it was a non-day, so nothing was going to happen... but I started active... and at 3 pm my friend DJ sent me some € 's so I felt save for at least two days. If I don't eat dinner at 7 in the evening, I feel like an Ethiopean... :)
...and at 7 pm some guy called to buy my father's Sony world receiver Captain 55 - which is an incredible nice machine to receive RADIO!
My father bought that in 1972 or so.. and we always had it on on the camping site, such a supurb sound quality, yo'd listen to Dutch radio in south of France as if it were at home...
These things were 800 dutch guilders in those days... which was expensive for a portable radio on the camping!

This guy who bought it, told me he was working in a luxury yacht building company in those days, where they'd give these radio's Standard with each ship!

Nice guy, didnt bargain, just paid.

Happy new life.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Local Mismanagement

Die fijne, gereformeerde cda homo staatssecretaris Wijn op de radio: "De minima zijn ontzien, nu de middeninkomens weer wat steunen."

De Gemeenten moeten echter ook bezuinigen: dus we schaffen de Extra Bijz. Bijstand af, we geven niemand een Langdurigheidstoeslag,
we gaan de betalingsdatum vrolijk per maand 1 dag opschuiven, zodat de Minima elke maand weer een dag minder geld hebben,
het beatlen van de Februari-uitkering ook in de maand februari plaats te laten vinden.

Sorry, can't do this in English (Google-bot!)

Ik heb nog NOOIT zo'n hufter aan het woord gehoord als Joop Wijn.

Laat uw stem horen.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Account Statistics 3

abn-amro eu -298,79

to the people who think I dont work

Today is another day without resources. It's the weekend I was going to meet my son in Utrecht, but no MEANS to do the trip. Now poeple with jobs often thinks that people on Welfare have nothing to do, but spending THEIR money...
But I give you the JOB to do to see how to survive, without a CENT.

Happy Sunday!

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Minima love Maxima

The bourgeoisizing of princess Maxima is complete, I saw on television. It's doubtful if there is a word in English for "In-Burgering" but if there is then that is stupid!
The future queen of Holland was interviewed on prime time tv (parliament is on holiday again...) so she could show the Peuple how Dutch she already has become... being born in Argentina....
Well she had a good teacher!! Alex's mother himself! Jezus she already looks like Beatrix already! An incredible resemblance!
Okay, she didnt understand the word "troetel-allochtoon" but you have to be real real dutch to get that picture... But still she IS!
So that makes it UNbelievable that all these stupid minima believe in her! It should be forbidden!
Soon they will find out that Maxima has German blood also, somewehere, I promise you.

What a country. So Full of Fools!

debt spamm

* small observation:
The past few months I noticed a change in spamm subjects. It used to be 80% sex oriented, but now it's 50% Pills (Viagra and penus enlargements) and 50% debt consolidation - mortgage reshuffles and such. I wonder how my provider did this.
By the way, if your debts are high enough, you're not interested in sex anyway...

a good spamfilter here

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Account Statistics 2

* today received a year summary from local government,
€ 11.002,- over 2004,
Strange when 12 x 300 = 3.600 ... where is the rest?

Friday, February 11, 2005

bad credit ??

So, it works. Great! Finally something that works for FREE!

Now, we have to write an Invoice for these guys who dont seem to be too happy with me, because not only did I translate into Dutch faster than they thought....
I also saw at least 10 mistakes in their German and French translations.... So I doubt about Italian and Spanish (All in one SHEET CRAZY!)
I offered them to prrofread the other 2000 lines of mostly Windows on screen messages, menu-items, like:
"Save Templates?" and such stuff...

I will keep you posted! ....

wellll.... the good news is:
it seems they are going to pay... except the nmber of words,,, I may have to recount! SHIT

first day at work

february 11th, 2005

Is it fun to have a weblog?

1. Within short, or maybe already the word DEBT will be used more on Internet than the word Viagra, mind you.

2. Yesterday was the first day I worked in 3 years, translated 1000 Microsoft English words, which without doubt have already been translated 1000 times , and now I have to see if I get paid! Probably a rip off...

3. The first day in a week I play frankz

4. Just when I was in an upstream, with my whole house cleaned and a date with the shrink, everything goes wrong, there's an old saying : "What you see is what you get" Well ALL I see is DEBT!

5. I'll post a photo of my Shirt first!

6. Now let's see if this works


Account Statistics

-€ 300.- abn amro bank (maximum red)

* UPC still € 200.- behind
* NUON € 100,- behind
* Dentist € 170,- behind
* Welfare Service € UNKNOWN

The main reason of debtloggin' is to prove publically that the Dutch government sucks like hell,
and it is no USE trying to live like this,
because if you can't live from 300 eu per month, then how do you ever eh get out of DEBT??? Please use comment button for answers to this LIFE-question.

Yesterday I said to my CONSULTANT at Welfare, who is supposed to 'protect' my finance, that AS SOON as I make some EXTRA money, they will get it away from me... one way or another... So tell me... What's the use of working???

I'm NEVER gonna tell Nobody anymore if I earned some money, because that's the same as SUICIDE.
(of which I'm at risk already)

* I was given a bag of tobacco on CREDIT, very nice woman from the newspaper stand - let's remember the good people

You can advertise here! Contact the DEBT-manager!

"My shirt has opened widely"

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